Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks - For Nothing!

Happy Tax Day!  How could Obama be confused about the tax protests happening around the country on April 15th?  For a smart guy, he is sure seems to be one dumb son-of-a-bitch.

Apparently, borrowing trillions of dollars and piling up massive new debt is always a good thing, since it “…puts hard-earned money back into the pockets of everyday people.”  Well, gee-whiz, Mr. Obama, thanks a lot.  One day you will get the credit you deserve.

Why wasn't this approach just as great when Bush did it?  I can never understand why anything claimed as "evil" when done under the Bush administration becomes the righteous justification for Obama to do the same.  I will just have to learn to accept the inherent hypocrisy of libera

Perhaps Bush didn't offer a host of lies and false claims of how the tax cuts would "pay for themselves" and are "deficit neutral" as did our new Liar-in-Chief.  The saddest part is that a great majority of our country cannot see Obama for what he is:  just another crooked politician.  Worse, he is an inexperienced idealist with a far left agenda of wealth redistribution.

Obama offers a carrot, a bribe, a gift from our kind and benevolent Leader. And all he asks in return is that we accept his guidance and leadership. That we bow before his omnipotence.  That we above all do not question his word or his work, which would, of course, reveal the deep hatred toward any people of color.

I never realized how many things wrong with this planet can be attributed to racism.  If you listen to anyone connected with the Obama administration or the liberal mainstream media, you will quickly and constantly be reminded of this indisputable "fact".

Take the 30 pieces of silver which the One has generously bestowed upon his followers. Do not worry about the huge increases in taxes that must follow. The harmful effects of Obama’s massive spending will not be even have began to be fully realized until Obama has long retired, exactly as planned.

Paying for it will be someone else’s problem. For now, it’s still “all Bush’s fault”. But don’t worry, they will just pretend they can extract more taxes from the “evil rich”. Everybody hates the "evil rich".  That lie has always worked in the past, so why change?

So, for now, sell your soul now for that tiny check, and let your children, and theirs, inherit our burden of debt.  Thanks and praise to Obama, the great giver-backer of the taxes that he took from us.

Don't worry about the children.  We must remain realistic.  For all we know, our children might never amount to anything.  Why even give them the chance?  We want - no, we need - that new car, that plasma TV, and we need it today.  Let the kids get their own.  Shit, they just got "free" health care.  What else do they want from us?

Welcome to Obama’s new America.  Amnesty lines now forming soon.

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