Sunday, October 10, 2010

So It's Come To This?

I do not call myself a Republican, or at least not what the Republican party has warped into over the last decade (certainly not a "Bush Republican"), but I'm not ready to identify myself as a member of the Tea Party. I'm in conservative limbo, somewhere in between.  I am all for big business and small government, firearms and freedom of speech, but I cannot understand leaving people to starve and freeze under a bridge somewhere. However, if someone were to call me a liberal, I would feel obligated to punch them in the throat.

 I'll be the first to admit that there is a lot more than "just a bit of hypocrisy" in politics. But I can only laugh at the naivete of anyone who claims one political party is "the good one" while the other is "all bad." And to claim the right has the majority of "moral derelicts" only accentuates the level of denial on the left. There are only two types of career politicians: bad and worse.

There are, in my opinion, those who truly wish to make a difference and change the way things are. At least until they are corrupted by their more experienced peers. Oh, and don't think I'm talking about Mr. Hope'n'Change himself - I believed he was a liar from day one, and he has proved me right for the last two years.

It is rather funny how you defend the "moral values" of the liberals, while I see absolutely none, and you claim their "guilt" makes all their crimes acceptable. On the other hand, I defend the moral values of conservatives, while you claim they are totally void of any guilt or remorse. Apparently, no matter how "above all that" you and I consider ourselves, we both seem a bit blinded by our personal beliefs. I suppose this is just how things are.

Why is it any different to attack people of a different race than to attack people of a different ideology? I obviously cannot say "Obama sure is one stupid nigger" without being rightfully branded as a racist. But, strangely enough, I cannot say "Obama sure is one stupid liberal" without being branded as a racist, either.

On the other hand, if a devout liberal were to say "Rush Limbaugh is an ignorant fat fuck Republican piece of shit, and he and all who listen to him should crawl off somewhere and die," he would be cheered by liberals everywhere. The justification for the personal attack is simply because he dares disagree with the so-called moral superiority of liberal views. Doesn't this bother you at all? What does the magnificent sense of liberal morality say to you about all this? Seems a bit judgemental to me, but only a person of falsely assumed moral superiority (ie: a liberal) would be comfortable taking that position.

What is amazing is this: watch an offensive television program, you change the channel. If you hear an offensive radio broadcast, you change the station. Unless you're a liberal, in which case all that found to be offensive is attacked, while demands are made for both the immediate removal of the offensive material and for apologies by the responsible parties. Of course, since liberals are only concerned with (their own concept of) the well-being of society, these are not seen for the extreme acts of censorship that they are.  It appears that, in the Bizzaro world of liberal tolerance, the one thing that will not be tolerated is intolerance.  Conform and submit - there are simply no other choices allowed in Obama Land.

For the record, Rush is not "chairman of the Republican Party", nor is Newt the official GOP morality spokesman. But whose business is it, anyway, as to who Rush decides to marry, or how old she is?  At least he is married to a woman. And Newt is a knucklehead, and a career politician. I do not subscribe to many of this man's beliefs, but he has his moments. There's dirt to be uncovered with anyone's career. And, although the GOP has it's fair share of "do as I say, not as I do" arsewipes, there are as many if not more on the other side of the aisle.

I suppose the first rule of politics is Don't Get Caught. Let's just say that anyone who believes what any politician promises, especially near election time, then I have some mortgage-backed securities I would love to show them. It is hard to determine what either party actually stands for anymore, for everything we know comes from character attacks against each other. We are left to assume that our guy is the "good guy", and could never be guilty of whatever evil they attribute to that other guy.

For the most part, most are too ignorant to find out for ourselves, or too lazy to put out the effort required, so they will just have to accept what the media gives them, while pretending that the MSM is not horribly slanted to the left.  We are our own worst enemy, and although this certainly needs to change, I can understand how we let it happen. But what really get my drawers in a wad is the blatant double standard shown to the right by the media and the left, which is nothing but political gamesmenship.  There is no neutrality shown, yet for all their hard-left slant, the hypocrisy shown attacking FoxNews as "biased" is astounding.

When a Republican gets caught in some "impropriety", he is put through the media wringer. His character and his family are viciously attacked. Every news outlet carries the tale of his transgression, that it is indisputable evidence that he is indeed in league with Satan himself, and such a despicable act is yet another sad reflection of the inherent evil that runs rampant through the Republican party. All the public apologies in the world will not save him from the liberal media's rage, with the eventual result being his resignation. Not that anyone should feel badly, since he more than likely has a handsome pension at our expense, and will retire to a life of luxury anyway.

But when we discover a Democrat guilty of a similar act, the left wing media immediately gives him a free pass, if they even bother to touch on the story at all, claiming it was an honest mistake since, after all, he was only working to better the lives of poor widows and orphans. Sure, the mouthpieces on the right will blast away, as usual, but there are so few conservative media outlets that they become easy targest for attacks from the liberal left. Much easier to discredit the source than to disprove the allegation.

Be honest and ask yourself: what happens when a Democrat gets caught? In today's Democratic party, getting caught and saying "I'm sorry" seems to be the best way to advance one's career. Committing and surviving a scandal is sort of like a merit badge to these guys.

From where I sit, I feel your comments on congressional scandal seem to concentrate on sex. I could care less who is screwing who, as none of that affects me in any way whatsoever. What I cannot stand are the financial improprieties, which seem to be far more prevalent than all the sexual escapades. These are what affect me and the other taxpayers of this country. Bribes, kickbacks, contributions, fraud, and outright theft are the foundation of the existing Democratic AND Republican parties - they know it, and they are beginning to know that we know it, you know?