Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hard to Understand

It is quite understandable why so many people are so fired up over Trump's claims he will do the things that Obama promised and lied about.  It is much like the anti-Bush sickness that gripped the country in 2008 and ushered in the Age of Obama.

But before we get swept up in this latest wave of populism, remember that a "President Trump" would have to go through Congress in order to do anything he promises.  Obama was successful in manipulating the legislative branch because of the unwavering aid of his toadies Reid and Pelosi, along with a media that is incredibly slanted to the left.

Were Trump to be elected, who do we have on the side of the GOP?  Mitch McConnell and Paul "Boehner" Ryan.  These two RINO fucks will continue to do exactly what they have been doing, which is exactly what has brought the GOP to shame and disgrace - favor Corporatism over conservatism at every opportunity.

Trump will side with corporate billionaire ass-hats like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, exactly like Barry O'Bama has.  His economic policies will basically be turning the entire country into a casino complex or a high-rise condo - which is the only thing he know how to do.

People need to read up on Trump's actual business record.  He is not the "world's greatest businessman" as his press would have us believe, any more than Obama is the "world's greatest orator."

Don't misunderstand - Trump is a wealthy man and has overseen many successful real estate developments, which account for his vast fortune.  His personal wealth is estimated at $3.7 billion, not the $10 billion he claims.  On the bright side, perhaps this "discrepancy" shows how ready Trump is to assume a lead position in our government.

But Trump also has a laundry list of failures in his business endeavors.  Trump casinos continue to lose money, and Trump casinos and properties have filed for bankruptcy protection on five separate occasions.  Again, perhaps this shows his ability to accrue more debt than he can service, which makes him eminently qualified as our new Checkwriter-in-Chief.

While the list is long, here are just a few reminders that not all of Trump's ideas are "the greatest".  When was the last time you had a  Trump steak, washing it down with Trump vodka, or reading a copy of Trump Magazine while flying on Trump airlines?  Do you know anyone who ever shared in the American dream and bought a house with a Trump mortgage, after graduating with a degree from Trump University?

A lot of people have real, solid, reasonable ideas about how to address the important problems we face, such as how to seal our borders and deal with the millions of illegals who drain our economy of $350 billion each year, or reduce the size of government - which is the only true way to grow our economy.

Trump is not one of them.

That being said, should my choice boil down to Trump vs. Hillary, I will do exactly as I have done since 2008 - hold my nose and pull the lever for whichever moron the GOP puts up against the perpetual progressive assault from the left.

But it won't be pretty, and I won't enjoy it, and I can practically guarantee a loss.  If Trump becomes the GOP's choice, I think we had better get used to the phrase, "Madame President".

Actually, because of the horrible bias in the electoral college system, I don't really think any GOP candidate will ever win again.

And, once the next census has been taken, the illegal population counted, and blue representation in government has been increased as a result, elections in America will be more like those in North Korea - a mere formality.

But that is a story for another day.