Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Harry!

Mr Reid, your opponent’s “incomprehensible” reasons for expecting delays and denials are simply the facts as exemplified by the British and Canadian health care systems.

As far as Section 131 (No Change) goes, private insurance companies exist for one reason: to make a profit. Your Public Option is a poorly disguised government takeover of health care, plain and simple. You keep saying that “people can keep their existing coverage.” But you leave off the part about “as long as they can stay in business against the unfair competition.”

Replace the term “public option” with the phrase “subsidized with tax dollars” and even a brainless twit such as yourself should be able to see the unfair advantage which will drive people away from private companies and begin to force them out of business.

And why is it that the only numbers we hear from Democrats are about the poor 50 million people without insurance? Brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it? Well, why doesn’t anyone mention the estimated 15-20 million illegal immigrants included in this figure? Or perhaps the roughly 10 million who have no insurance by choice? Why can’t we ever hear about the 200 million who actually have insurance?

Your sad plea for small businesses, who are forced to lay off people because of high insurance costs, falls on deaf ears. Because of that dismal failure known as the Stimulus Bill, nearly all businesses are laying off people. Except the government, of course. But this is due to lack of business, not from providing insurance to employees. We can forget the prohibitive tax structure placed upon small businesses, for that is another debate.

We do not need to go trillions of dollars further into debt to completely rebuild the current system. What is broken about our current system is all that needs to be fixed. And what is “broken” is the waste and greed woven into our insurance system. Fraudulent claims and frivilous lawsuits are the primary avenues of health care abuse. If this can be eliminated, you can save billions of dollars each year, and without spending trillions to do it.

If we blindly rush to pass another of Obama’s pet projects, and you force this new government-run health care program on America, will you personally use it? Will you and your fellow Capitol Hill spend-o-holics give up their free-for-life, finest-in-the-country, taxpayer-funded health care (FEHBP) benefits that they now enjoy?
No, I didn’t think so…

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Save or Create: Unemployment You Can Believe In!

Bad news: 1,600,000 jobs lost since the stimulus bill was signed into law. Good news: 150,000 jobs "saved or created" during this same period, or a negative ratio of about 10-to-1. We are now expected to swallow Obama's imaginary figure of 600,000 jobs over the next 100 days. Excuses like "it's only been 100 days" and "it's all Bush's fault" are becoming tiresome, people without jobs want results, and polls are starting to reflect this.

Obama has now begun his cry for Pay-as-you-Go, feigning a newly found sense of fiscal responsibility, as if his wild spending will be somehow be excused. We will certainly begin hearing more about the magical "Clinton Surplus" as an excuse to point more blame on the previous administration, and that Pay-Go is a way to just-as-magically erase the $10,000,000,000,000 of new debt his efforts have already created.

Today I read an article from a Washington economist which discussed the "ripple effect" on job creation by stimulus spending. Apparently, that extra twenty bucks in some paychecks is helping businesses around the country to lay off one less worker. Using White House math, that counts as a job "saved".  With a 10-to-1 unemployment ratio, I guess they forgot about the nine guys who were already laid off.   But, of course, those go on Bush's scorecard.

Obama's belief that Americans will swallow this horribly warped logic is quite insulting. Of course, there are more idiots out there than one might imagine. The fact that Obama is now sitting in the White House is proof enough. However, after enough people lose their jobs, Obama's halo will begin to fade. Layoffs did drop last month, with "only" 350,000 jobs lost in May, but that is to be expected since there are fewer people to lay off.

Panic dictated the immediate passage of the $787,000,000,000 stimulus bill, which was imperative to save our failing economy. Obama claimed that any delay might cause the US economy to collapse, implying that the orbit of the Earth could be altered and all life on the planet would end.

Injecting that $787,000,000,000 into the economy all at once may have indeed produced a brief upward tick in consumer spending. But, after nearly 5 months since passage, only about 5% of these funds have been used for 'stimulation'. Where are all the "shovel ready" projects that Obama promised would create 4,000,000 jobs? Oh, right. We're saving that money for the magical "Green Jobs" of the future, and as soon as we determine what those are, I'm certain Obama will whip out his checkbook for another round of do-nothing spending.

So, how should Washington "create jobs"? Buying GM won't help, as I don't think they're hiring right now. We can put some people to work as bail-out check couriers, and by using bicycles those might qualify as "green jobs". The truth is that government can only create government jobs. Jobs in the private sector are created through the growth and prosperity of the business. This can be encouraged with tax incentives or other business-friendly legislation.

In case you don't understand the concept, Mr. Obama, it is the people with money (the Evil Rich) who invest in businesses to create growth.  If you want to create an environment which promotes business, perhaps you can use the other 95% of your stimulus funds to pay for tax breaks and other proven methods to assist economic growth.

Or, you could stifle all growth, spend our money on entitlement programs, and we can eventually all become passive little comrades in the Obama Nation that was once the greatest country in the world. You can make the right choice now, or we can make it for you in 2012.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bob Herbert, Liberal Racist Scumbag

I laugh at Bob Herbert and all like him, angry liberals with a huge black chip on their shoulder. "Boo-hoo, I'm black, God hates me, I got a dealt a bad hand in life." News flash: Nobody gives a crap, Bob. Everything in life is not about race.

Most people would love to move forward, yet small minded people like you always want to perpetuate the racial divide. The painful truth is you don't want to be judged by who you are. You mistakenly feel your position as a "minority" gives you special privilege that you would otherwise not enjoy when truly treated as equals.

You are correct, Bob, that the election was not a sign of some "post-racial nirvana." The election of Barrack Obama was simply a shrewd political move by the far left to place a black man in office so that anyone who disagrees with him is branded as racist. Yes, the "race card" is still a powerful tool, used effectively by activists and lunatics alike.

His candidacy was designed to play against "white guilt", or the bizarre concept that everyone in the US is somehow responsible for slavery and the oppression of the black race.

With the nomination of Ms. Sotomayor, we now have to listen to the same stupid argument. She will obviously receive no opposition from the Democrats, who relish the idea of an empathetic justice. But any Republican who questions her character will be construed as racist by hate-mongers such as yourself.

Please, Bob, let us know when you have something positive to say. Until then, spread your poison somewhere else.

(Bob Herbert is a "journalist" who contributes hateful articles to the New York Times. Go figure.)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Golden Era of the Horseless Carriage

Once "not an option", now both Chrysler and GM have finally taken the step toward restructure thru bankruptcy. Thanks are in order to both Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama, as well as the congress, for delaying the inevitable by several months and tens of billions of tax dollars.

Yes, this is indeed a proud moment. Our government has begun the "temporary" nationalization of our banks, the auto industry, and, make no mistake, will now be squarely focused on the energy market. The goal is to be able to tell you not only what to drive, but when you can drive it, how much it will cost you, and where you can go. It's for your own good, of course.

A new car today already costs more than my first house did thirty years ago. With Washington's help, that cost will no doubt double in ten years. A government-subsidized auto industry can only drive the cost of cars up. And it's not just those union benifits kicking in, either. Washington has a proven track record of stretching your tax dollars.

An interesting contradiction comes to mind. You remember the "average, hard working American," that guy Obama is pretending to defend? Well, how will he be able to own and operate something that only a wealthy person will be possibly able to afford? Apparently, all future government assistance checks will go directly to the Obama Motors Acceptance Corporation. Drive one home today and get $500 worth of government cheese!

As far as the future of the automobile, we might just see a deal with Daewoo and Ford. I wonder if that might smooth relations and bring North and South Korean together. I also understand that Iran is soon planning to introduce the "Jihad", the world's first nuclear-powered car, in America soon. I understand it will have a half-life of 1000 years, which should coincide with GM finally becoming viable again.