Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Harry!

Mr Reid, your opponent’s “incomprehensible” reasons for expecting delays and denials are simply the facts as exemplified by the British and Canadian health care systems.

As far as Section 131 (No Change) goes, private insurance companies exist for one reason: to make a profit. Your Public Option is a poorly disguised government takeover of health care, plain and simple. You keep saying that “people can keep their existing coverage.” But you leave off the part about “as long as they can stay in business against the unfair competition.”

Replace the term “public option” with the phrase “subsidized with tax dollars” and even a brainless twit such as yourself should be able to see the unfair advantage which will drive people away from private companies and begin to force them out of business.

And why is it that the only numbers we hear from Democrats are about the poor 50 million people without insurance? Brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it? Well, why doesn’t anyone mention the estimated 15-20 million illegal immigrants included in this figure? Or perhaps the roughly 10 million who have no insurance by choice? Why can’t we ever hear about the 200 million who actually have insurance?

Your sad plea for small businesses, who are forced to lay off people because of high insurance costs, falls on deaf ears. Because of that dismal failure known as the Stimulus Bill, nearly all businesses are laying off people. Except the government, of course. But this is due to lack of business, not from providing insurance to employees. We can forget the prohibitive tax structure placed upon small businesses, for that is another debate.

We do not need to go trillions of dollars further into debt to completely rebuild the current system. What is broken about our current system is all that needs to be fixed. And what is “broken” is the waste and greed woven into our insurance system. Fraudulent claims and frivilous lawsuits are the primary avenues of health care abuse. If this can be eliminated, you can save billions of dollars each year, and without spending trillions to do it.

If we blindly rush to pass another of Obama’s pet projects, and you force this new government-run health care program on America, will you personally use it? Will you and your fellow Capitol Hill spend-o-holics give up their free-for-life, finest-in-the-country, taxpayer-funded health care (FEHBP) benefits that they now enjoy?
No, I didn’t think so…

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