Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bob Herbert, Liberal Racist Scumbag

I laugh at Bob Herbert and all like him, angry liberals with a huge black chip on their shoulder. "Boo-hoo, I'm black, God hates me, I got a dealt a bad hand in life." News flash: Nobody gives a crap, Bob. Everything in life is not about race.

Most people would love to move forward, yet small minded people like you always want to perpetuate the racial divide. The painful truth is you don't want to be judged by who you are. You mistakenly feel your position as a "minority" gives you special privilege that you would otherwise not enjoy when truly treated as equals.

You are correct, Bob, that the election was not a sign of some "post-racial nirvana." The election of Barrack Obama was simply a shrewd political move by the far left to place a black man in office so that anyone who disagrees with him is branded as racist. Yes, the "race card" is still a powerful tool, used effectively by activists and lunatics alike.

His candidacy was designed to play against "white guilt", or the bizarre concept that everyone in the US is somehow responsible for slavery and the oppression of the black race.

With the nomination of Ms. Sotomayor, we now have to listen to the same stupid argument. She will obviously receive no opposition from the Democrats, who relish the idea of an empathetic justice. But any Republican who questions her character will be construed as racist by hate-mongers such as yourself.

Please, Bob, let us know when you have something positive to say. Until then, spread your poison somewhere else.

(Bob Herbert is a "journalist" who contributes hateful articles to the New York Times. Go figure.)

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