Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fair's Fair

"We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.

 But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn't doing his part as an American.

There can be no divided allegiance here.  We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people."
Theodore Roosevelt

Who's Fault Is It?

I know this woman's suicide is sad, but I can't help but laugh at all the bizarre conspiracy theories being cooked up by the #blacklivesmatter idiots. Of course, these people don't really care about Ms Bland as much as they care about simply stirring up the pot.
They claim a huge injustice has been committed, and demand the arresting officer be held responsible. How ignorant of them.  If anyone is to be held responsible, it would be the folks running the jail.  I have no problem with calling them out for negligence, although in no way could this be deemed a murder.

But, again, when will we start holding the individual responsible for their own actions?  Why is everything always someone else's fault these days?

I agree the woman should have been watched closely, as the dash cam video showed she was indeed bat-shit crazy.  It is a tragedy that she was left alone to hang herself.  But I feel strongly that the arresting officer was in no way out of line during the arrest, or remotely responsible for this woman's suicide.

Don't take this the wrong way. Any time a person dies in police custody there is reason to be suspicious.

But I'm just upset about how many times this same situation seems to be occurring, and how quickly the left assumes the authorities are guilty of some horrible plot against (insert minority du jour here).  I find this a rather amazing conflict, since liberals are so adamant about the need for more and more powerful government.

If you watch the video, you can clearly see the officer acting in a polite and courteous manner until the point when the woman began her belligerent tirade.

Every single time an officer pulls a car over, there is a definite possibility that he might get shot.  Which is why police want to see your hands on the steering wheel, and not fumbling about - either with a cigarette or a gun - while they are performing their job.

There was a definite series of events that caused the officer to turn from polite and courteous to aggressive.

There are many who claim she should have never been taken to jail, or pulled over.  I wonder, what should the officer have done?
"You don't feel like getting ou! t of your car today, ma'am?  Oh, I'm sorry - I didn't notice you are a black woman.  How racist of me not to notice.  I understand how terribly oppressive it is of me to make such an unreasonable demand.   I apologize for the inconvenience your traffic violation might have caused you.  Please, go about your business.  Thank you, and have a nice day."
It's like dealing with a spoiled, whiny child - sometimes you have to give them a swat to get their attention.  And, when you do, there's always some bone head who will scream to police about child abuse.

If you watch the video again, the majority of events took place off-camera.  You could, however, hear the audio track, which painted a picture of the woman screaming and kicking in a futile attempt to avoid compliance with the officer. 

One question: doe! s anyone dispute what would have happened if the woman simply responded to the officer's initial courtesy with a polite "yes, officer"?

Remember the last time you say a white guy yanked from his car and hauled off to jail for something as silly as a routine traffic stop?  Yeah, I don't either. It is a rare occurrence, to say the least.  And do you ever wonder why that hardly ever happens?

Is that because of "white privilege," as the left always claims, or because most white people understand it is not only proper but advantageous to deal with police in a courteous and cooperative manner?

No, this has nothing to do with the insanely nonsensical concept of "white privilege." Anyone, of any race, can expect the same outcome if they interact properly with the police:

I was raised to believe that a person's race doesn't matter, that it is a person's character that matters.  A man is a man, and an asshole is an asshole - period.  I am being constantly reminded how wrong that truly is by the morons who now claim it's racist NOT to recognize people by race.

In today's messed up, "fundamentally transformed" America, race now seems to the primary factor in determining right from wrong.  And it is becoming painfully apparent that black people can do no wrong in the Age of Obama.

No matter what a person does these days, it's always someone else's fault when any social interaction turns out shitty for them.

How sad.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The ACA is the Wrong Way

I am encouraged by the latest lawsuit by Houston's Dr. Hotze against the Great Lie that we know as Obamacare.

After spending a week in the hospital, I had a chance to speak with various doctors, nurses, interns, and the like about Obamacare.  I was surprised to learn that we all seem to be in agreement that the ACA is an abomination.

The idea that some modification of our existing system was needed might have been universal, but to turn the entire system - nearly one sixth of our entire GDP - on it's ear with a bag of lies and bullshit was definitely the wrong way to go.

Addressing the number of people who couldn't afford regular, preventative health care was certainly a necessary task.  Too many people are forced to wait until they are quite ill, and then their only recourse was to show up and overwhelm hospital emergency rooms across the country.  The ability to pay didn't matter - federal law and human decency demanded treatment.

If for-profit health insurance made everything cost too much, why did we force the entire country to purchase for-profit health insurance?  Why couldn't we spend money to build more free clinics across the country to provide care for the indigent? 

So now, the people who formerly could not afford regular checkups must now learn how to afford insurance premiums when they are not sick, and massive deductibles when they are.  This is certainly a bait-and-switch from the idea that Obamacare was the savior of the health care crisis in this country.

I hope everyone will notice that our esteemed lawgivers graciously exempted themselves from compliance from the new healthcare laws.  You see, they like the way their healthcare was paid for by the people of America, along with their pensions and lifetime benefits at the expense of the working class they so adamantly prented to defend.

Enter Obama, and the ongoing concept that success is a bad thing, and that you should feel guilty for having money in America.  Unless, of course, you contribute to the DNC, at which point you are allowed to make all the money you wish.

But this is what is to be expected now and in the future as the Democratic Socialist Party, formerly operating as the DNC, gain more control over the ignorant and the apathetic population who only worry about cell phone signals, Facebook likes, and who's dancing with the Kardashians.

God speed, Dr. Hotze.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

How Does That Old Joke Go?

Osama - Now a Good Muslim
It would seem there is very little anyone can do with this disease people refer to as the "religion" of Islam.  Rather like cockroaches, rats, or any unwanted vermin, these people must either be ignored or dealt with - but they are proving every day that they cannot coexist.

There are those who falsely claim Islam is a religion of peace, but this is simply not true.  According to their holy book, the sole purpose of the faithful Muslim on this earth is to convert the entire world to Islam or kill those who refuse.

The truth is that Mohammed was nothing but a diseased child molester who was thrown out of Jerusalem because of his increasing violent attacks on the other religious groups.

If you study the books (I have not personally studied the Koran, because I can't, but have read several books on the subject and consider myself more informed than most) he claims were given to him from Allah, they are all about the man Mohammed himself - following his orders, his commands, pleasing him.

If you swallow the malarkey, it seems Allah seemingly chose Mohammed at random to be not only his eyes and ears, but his judge, jury, and executioner.  Hardly the kind and benevolent Supreme Being, wouldn't you say?  I know the Bible calls for some serious smiting of enemies, but I cannot find the passage where the good Christian must kill any and all who refuse the Word of God.

As I have always said, religion can have wonderful effects on people, but organized religion is a dangerous thing.  And when a religious zealot is able to harness the power of the mob through his warped and biased beliefs, we are talking serious end of world type stuff here.

Now, to all your other suggestions, there is little we can do to "suppress" nuclear weapons in those countries that currently possess them.  And thanks to Obama, we have allowed Iran all the time and money it requires to complete its goal to be a nuclear power.

If we were going to do something, it would have to be more than "sanctions".  Economic sanctions do not work - period.  We have levied sanctions against North Korea for nearly three decades, and yet they continue to test these weapons.

Now Obama wants to lift sanctions against Iran, and has firmly argued against any new sanctions, and for what - to show them how much we love them?  This will not end well, I can assure you.  I'm fairly certain that, within a decade, we can say goodbye to Israel, along with half the world's population.  Gee, that sounds rather gloomy, doesn't it?

Good news?  Only 999 days left until Obama must leave the White House.
Bad news?  Which idiot will replace him?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Don't We Have a Secure Border?

We don’t secure our border only because we continue to play this “P.C.” game.  If we truly wanted to stop it, the solution is simple.

Militarize the border

Nobody in, nobody out, unless they’ve got ‘papers’.  No more crossings except for authorized entry points.  Amazing the influence a pile of dead bodies would have on a person’s decision to cross illegally.

The US-Mexico border is 1,954 miles (3,439,040 yards) long.  If you put up a tower every 200 yards, it would require 17,195 towers.  Man these towers 24/7 with properly armed military personnel (hey – we’ve got 150,00 guys coming home from Afghanistan soon who will need jobs) means anything that crosses the border is within 100 yards of a rifle bullet.  My guess is that we could say goodbye to 99% of illegal border crossings.

Don’t let anyone tell us that it would cost too much.  Even at $15k per tower (typical overblown government contract rates?), the total cost to put up a twenty-foot tower every 200 yards along the entire 1,954 miles of the US-Mexico border from Brownsville, Texas to Tiajuana, California, would be barely over $250 million.  Of course, since we get back $1.47 for every dollar spend by Uncle Sam, we make a cool $117 million profit, right?

How many billions do we currently spend each year on “Border Security” that allows millions of illegals to cross every year?  How many billions more do we currently spend on providing benefits to these trespassers?  The cost to put 5 soldiers at each tower would be barely over $1 billion a year.  We would be saving taxpayers billions each year that could be used to help balance our budget, or provide benefits for Americans.

Ps – Some additional steps to stem the flood of illegals:

As long as our government incentivizes illegal immigration, it will never stop.  There are a few additional measures we could take to make sneaking in a bit less inviting.

Declare English to be the official language of the United States of America

One country, one people, one language.  Don’t like it?  Don’t stay.  A few hundred million saved every year by not printing every single state and federal form in multiple languages.  In order to legally immigrate to this country, you must prove basic English skills, or at least have a family member who can serve as an interpreter.

Strict Enforcement of existing immigration/labor laws

Since 1986, it has been a federal offense to knowingly employ anyone in this country illegally.  Enforce instant deportation of illegal workers – period.  Business with multiple violations must be shut down.