Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The ACA is the Wrong Way

I am encouraged by the latest lawsuit by Houston's Dr. Hotze against the Great Lie that we know as Obamacare.

After spending a week in the hospital, I had a chance to speak with various doctors, nurses, interns, and the like about Obamacare.  I was surprised to learn that we all seem to be in agreement that the ACA is an abomination.

The idea that some modification of our existing system was needed might have been universal, but to turn the entire system - nearly one sixth of our entire GDP - on it's ear with a bag of lies and bullshit was definitely the wrong way to go.

Addressing the number of people who couldn't afford regular, preventative health care was certainly a necessary task.  Too many people are forced to wait until they are quite ill, and then their only recourse was to show up and overwhelm hospital emergency rooms across the country.  The ability to pay didn't matter - federal law and human decency demanded treatment.

If for-profit health insurance made everything cost too much, why did we force the entire country to purchase for-profit health insurance?  Why couldn't we spend money to build more free clinics across the country to provide care for the indigent? 

So now, the people who formerly could not afford regular checkups must now learn how to afford insurance premiums when they are not sick, and massive deductibles when they are.  This is certainly a bait-and-switch from the idea that Obamacare was the savior of the health care crisis in this country.

I hope everyone will notice that our esteemed lawgivers graciously exempted themselves from compliance from the new healthcare laws.  You see, they like the way their healthcare was paid for by the people of America, along with their pensions and lifetime benefits at the expense of the working class they so adamantly prented to defend.

Enter Obama, and the ongoing concept that success is a bad thing, and that you should feel guilty for having money in America.  Unless, of course, you contribute to the DNC, at which point you are allowed to make all the money you wish.

But this is what is to be expected now and in the future as the Democratic Socialist Party, formerly operating as the DNC, gain more control over the ignorant and the apathetic population who only worry about cell phone signals, Facebook likes, and who's dancing with the Kardashians.

God speed, Dr. Hotze.

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