Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amnesty will Boost US Economy?

I'm sorry, but exactly how will granting amnesty to roughly 15 million illegal immigrants boost our economy again?

Will there be a huge increase in federal tax returns from migratory farm workers?  Will citizenship force an increase in wages, and in effect put more money into circulation?  As long as the United States remains the world's only country that rewards criminal behavior with citizenship, there will never be a shortage of sub-minimum wage labor.

What if amnesty simply results in 15 million new unemployment claims, filed by new citizens being priced out of work by the next wave of cheap labor?  These new citizens could now file for benefits once unobtainable.  Is this a great country or what?

Will they all buy houses, pay property and school taxes, and partially repay their years of freeloading on taxpayers?  Will these new citizens spend their meager earnings on health insurance, pay their own medical expenses, and no longer use free emergency room care?

Will our newest citizens boost our economy by no longer sending money back to Mexico each year?  Remittances sent to Mexico ($16.5 billion last year) from their exported labor force is a huge item in the Mexican federal budget, and is predicted to exceed revenue from Pemex, currently Mexico's primary source of revenue, by 2011.

Unless we secure the border, by force if required, there can be no amnesty.  But I can understand why the Democrats are all about amnesty.  It is no longer acceptable to use the term "illegal aliens".  The New Liberal Dictionary now defines this group as "Undocumented Democrats".

Blanket amnesty is not the answer.  Reagan did it backwards in 1986, giving amnesty to 3 million illegals, promising to secure the border.  What a huge mistake.  The border was not and is still not secure, and we now have another 15 - 20 million illegals to deal with.  Give these people amnesty, and we can look forward to 4o million more within 10 years.  That should boost the hell out of our economy.

Hypocrisy of Calderon

Mexican President Felipe Calderon was invited by Obama to come and address a joint session of Congress.  Here, in an ultimate act of hypocrisy, he chastised America for desiring respect of its sovereignty.

Why do you think Calderon so interested in an open border with the US? Because the money sent by Mexico's exported labor force, or remittances, is the primary source of revenue for Mexico.

Mexico has no entitlement programs for its poor, its sick, its unemployed. And why should they? It is horribly expensive, a massive drain on a country's economy, and is guaranteed to become larger over time.

 Actually, Mexico has a plan, which involves sending them to the US. That's it. Here they are rewarded for breaking immigration law with medical care, food, employment, housing, education, and, if the liberals have their way, citizenship. The liberals cry "that's exactly why we need immigration reform now", which is code for "Borders? We don't need no stinking borders."

Funny, but I don't see any of the protesters offering to house, feed, and clothe these people. From where I sit, I see nothing but a bunch of whiny liberal hypocrites, pretending to care while hoping a family of Hispanics won't move in next door and possibly lower their suburban property values.

Obama wants nothing to do with these people either. Like most politicians, he lives the millionaire's life high on top of the hill, isolated from the problems of the common man, pretending to give a Tinker's damn.

He does, however, want their votes, and to win them he only needs to somehow grant amnesty to these 15 million "undocumented Democrats", giving them access to the government largess. Apparently there's nothing more American, or hopey-changey, than a crooked politician buying votes.

Wasn't Reagan's amnesty for 3 million in 1986 good enough? What a mistake. The message this decision sent to Mexico was answered by 20 million more illegals. It is hard to make a convincing argument against illegal entry into our country by rewarding these criminals, which is why they keep coming.  Break the law, get a prize!  Enter as often as you like - a winner every time you play!

I hear about poor families, suffering because they cannot feed their ten children. But what did they expect, having little or no income? When they realized they didn't have the means to support the first five or six, why did they continue to bring more starving children into a cruel world?  Muy estupido!

Some feel pity for these poor folks, with all the starving children. It is indeed sad, although apparently not sad enough for Mexico to care about them. But what makes everyone think that America can support every person on the planet?

Who said that the desire for a secure border is an attack on immigration?  We allow a million people a year to legally immigrate and assimilate into our society.  The fact that we pride ourselves as being a nation of law.  Yet by not enforcing our own laws, we only invite our "uninvited guests" to show the same disregard for our legal system as our leaders do.

Eric Holder - Ass Clown

The whole idea of a lawsuit over SB1070 is a ridiculous move by the feds, as this new law does nothing to challenge the existing federal laws or render them un-enforceable. Enforce the existing immigration laws, and the other states won't have to take matters into their own hands. And that's in all 57 states, by the way.

One way or another, we are determined to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into this country. Obama's recent boneheaded speech, basically grouping legal and illegal immigrants together, merely showed the ignorance of a man who can only read a teleprompter.

Our immigration laws are not broken, it is merely designed to limit the number of people allowed to assimilate into American society. What is broken is the enforcement arm of the law, as no law can stand without being enforced. The days of the "Honor System" are long gone, and the criminals can't be expected to police themselves.

But the Crapweasel-in-Charge thinks he can use the issue to gain some political advantage, so its the same progressive song and dance we've heard for decades. "We'll secure the border after we've rewarded all the criminals with citizenship and voter ID's," claims Obama. Is anyone in this country really stupid enough to believe this garbage? If so, I have some vacation property in Mexico I would like to sell them...

Tell Us Exactly What's "Broken", Mr. Obama?

Could it be that Obama will eventually have to file suit against every state in the union - all 57 of them - to force his goal of amnesty upon us?

The more states that follow Arizona's lead means more pressure for Obama to pull his pointy head out, look around, and actually listen to them.

Seven out of 10 people in this country support Arizona's new law, yet Obama will have none of this. The lives of both American citizens and the exploited illegal work force are nothing but political tools to this man.

I am disgusted every time Obama looks down his nose at us and claims the "immigration system" is broken. It seems to work fine for a million people every year that come into this country legally - what exactly is "broken", Mr. President?

True, Obama is our president, elected by a majority of voters (52.9%, in fact) in 2008. There were two major factors in his victory - a huge anti-Bush sentiment, and a successful campaign of lies and deception.

After nearly two years, America has had a chance to see the true character, or lack thereof, of the person they placed their "hope for change" in.   If this inexperienced, unqualified amateur tries to sell his snake oil to America again in 2012, we should see a much different outcome.

SB1070 - Protest Platform for Idiots

With Arizona's passage of it's immigration law, the resulting attack from all sides has been nothing less than intense and nothing short of idiotic.  Forget that 70% of the residents approve of this effort.  A small percentage of pinheads from around the country, although removed from having to deal directly with the consequences of illegal immigration, have wrongly condemned this bill.

Not directly exposed does not mean not directly effected.  While not in immediate danger of being kidnapped or murdered, we all share the cost of providing benefits for those who ignore our border laws.

Look at the state of California, a shining example of liberal douche-baggery, with its cities bankrupt, overrun with illegal immigrants, yet they comically denounce Arizona for attempting to avoid California's death spiral.

Of course you would expect Hispanic groups advocating amnesty to oppose this bill.  Their goal is to throw all borders wide open, with some more idiotic than others who believe California and the southern US rightfully belongs to Mexico.  What a bunch of morons.  As far as I'm concerned, they can have southern California, at least north to the shit-hole known as Los Angeles.  I've been there only once, and will never set foot there again.

These crazy open-border activists present ludicrous interpretations of the new Arizona law.  Some see it as an open invitation for racial profiling, others as a Nazi-like effort to round up immigrants and send them off to some Mexican death camp.

And you always expect the idiots of Hollywood to offer their support or opposition to the social "cause-du-jour".  What pisses me off most are these filthy-rich actors and Hollywood twits, always claiming some connection with the poor, the hungry, the oppressed.  They put together one lame benefit after another in order to donate someone else's money to "their cause".  After which, the return to their plush, million-dollar estates, surrounded by a luxury of wealth made possible by the very system they decry.

Nobody, except perhaps an illegal, could possibly deny that the US has a severe problem with the security of our southern border.  The fact that the federal government has ignored this problem for thirty years has not made it any easier to solve.  Many who have been here illegally for so long now have families, children who are US citizens, and this makes the problem exponentially more difficult.

Even though the subject touches people deeply, it is amazing to me is how many get caught up in the hysteria caused by the misinformation and ignorance of the Amnesty/Open Border/Reconquista idiots.  The most vocal, of course, are the ones with the most to gain.

The solution is simple - secure the border by whatever means necessary.  Show these people that our border is to be respected.  The damned federal government isn't doing its job.  Arizona is trying to stop the flood, and I salute Governor Brewer for taking a stand.