Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hypocrisy of Calderon

Mexican President Felipe Calderon was invited by Obama to come and address a joint session of Congress.  Here, in an ultimate act of hypocrisy, he chastised America for desiring respect of its sovereignty.

Why do you think Calderon so interested in an open border with the US? Because the money sent by Mexico's exported labor force, or remittances, is the primary source of revenue for Mexico.

Mexico has no entitlement programs for its poor, its sick, its unemployed. And why should they? It is horribly expensive, a massive drain on a country's economy, and is guaranteed to become larger over time.

 Actually, Mexico has a plan, which involves sending them to the US. That's it. Here they are rewarded for breaking immigration law with medical care, food, employment, housing, education, and, if the liberals have their way, citizenship. The liberals cry "that's exactly why we need immigration reform now", which is code for "Borders? We don't need no stinking borders."

Funny, but I don't see any of the protesters offering to house, feed, and clothe these people. From where I sit, I see nothing but a bunch of whiny liberal hypocrites, pretending to care while hoping a family of Hispanics won't move in next door and possibly lower their suburban property values.

Obama wants nothing to do with these people either. Like most politicians, he lives the millionaire's life high on top of the hill, isolated from the problems of the common man, pretending to give a Tinker's damn.

He does, however, want their votes, and to win them he only needs to somehow grant amnesty to these 15 million "undocumented Democrats", giving them access to the government largess. Apparently there's nothing more American, or hopey-changey, than a crooked politician buying votes.

Wasn't Reagan's amnesty for 3 million in 1986 good enough? What a mistake. The message this decision sent to Mexico was answered by 20 million more illegals. It is hard to make a convincing argument against illegal entry into our country by rewarding these criminals, which is why they keep coming.  Break the law, get a prize!  Enter as often as you like - a winner every time you play!

I hear about poor families, suffering because they cannot feed their ten children. But what did they expect, having little or no income? When they realized they didn't have the means to support the first five or six, why did they continue to bring more starving children into a cruel world?  Muy estupido!

Some feel pity for these poor folks, with all the starving children. It is indeed sad, although apparently not sad enough for Mexico to care about them. But what makes everyone think that America can support every person on the planet?

Who said that the desire for a secure border is an attack on immigration?  We allow a million people a year to legally immigrate and assimilate into our society.  The fact that we pride ourselves as being a nation of law.  Yet by not enforcing our own laws, we only invite our "uninvited guests" to show the same disregard for our legal system as our leaders do.

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