Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tell Us Exactly What's "Broken", Mr. Obama?

Could it be that Obama will eventually have to file suit against every state in the union - all 57 of them - to force his goal of amnesty upon us?

The more states that follow Arizona's lead means more pressure for Obama to pull his pointy head out, look around, and actually listen to them.

Seven out of 10 people in this country support Arizona's new law, yet Obama will have none of this. The lives of both American citizens and the exploited illegal work force are nothing but political tools to this man.

I am disgusted every time Obama looks down his nose at us and claims the "immigration system" is broken. It seems to work fine for a million people every year that come into this country legally - what exactly is "broken", Mr. President?

True, Obama is our president, elected by a majority of voters (52.9%, in fact) in 2008. There were two major factors in his victory - a huge anti-Bush sentiment, and a successful campaign of lies and deception.

After nearly two years, America has had a chance to see the true character, or lack thereof, of the person they placed their "hope for change" in.   If this inexperienced, unqualified amateur tries to sell his snake oil to America again in 2012, we should see a much different outcome.

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