Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Don't We Have a Secure Border?

We don’t secure our border only because we continue to play this “P.C.” game.  If we truly wanted to stop it, the solution is simple.

Militarize the border

Nobody in, nobody out, unless they’ve got ‘papers’.  No more crossings except for authorized entry points.  Amazing the influence a pile of dead bodies would have on a person’s decision to cross illegally.

The US-Mexico border is 1,954 miles (3,439,040 yards) long.  If you put up a tower every 200 yards, it would require 17,195 towers.  Man these towers 24/7 with properly armed military personnel (hey – we’ve got 150,00 guys coming home from Afghanistan soon who will need jobs) means anything that crosses the border is within 100 yards of a rifle bullet.  My guess is that we could say goodbye to 99% of illegal border crossings.

Don’t let anyone tell us that it would cost too much.  Even at $15k per tower (typical overblown government contract rates?), the total cost to put up a twenty-foot tower every 200 yards along the entire 1,954 miles of the US-Mexico border from Brownsville, Texas to Tiajuana, California, would be barely over $250 million.  Of course, since we get back $1.47 for every dollar spend by Uncle Sam, we make a cool $117 million profit, right?

How many billions do we currently spend each year on “Border Security” that allows millions of illegals to cross every year?  How many billions more do we currently spend on providing benefits to these trespassers?  The cost to put 5 soldiers at each tower would be barely over $1 billion a year.  We would be saving taxpayers billions each year that could be used to help balance our budget, or provide benefits for Americans.

Ps – Some additional steps to stem the flood of illegals:

As long as our government incentivizes illegal immigration, it will never stop.  There are a few additional measures we could take to make sneaking in a bit less inviting.

Declare English to be the official language of the United States of America

One country, one people, one language.  Don’t like it?  Don’t stay.  A few hundred million saved every year by not printing every single state and federal form in multiple languages.  In order to legally immigrate to this country, you must prove basic English skills, or at least have a family member who can serve as an interpreter.

Strict Enforcement of existing immigration/labor laws

Since 1986, it has been a federal offense to knowingly employ anyone in this country illegally.  Enforce instant deportation of illegal workers – period.  Business with multiple violations must be shut down.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Note to GOP: Forget the Website!

What do you mean, scam?
Why are we spending so much effort in the failure of  Are we going to be happy once the bugs have been worked out?  Of course not, so why not focus on the law itself?

Please remember that the ACA is simply the first step towards a single-payer, true National healthcare system. Although I doubt they ever expected things to go this sour this quickly, the ACA was never meant to last. It was purposely designed to be easily replaced at the proper time. This is simply how the crooks in Washington operate.

Obviously, they can’t just come out and declare their intent to take control of one-sixth of our nation’s economy. So they do it in small, measured steps, incrementally - progressively, if you prefer.

First comes all the squawk about how messed up our existing system is. Notice that those pushing so hard for this “healthcare reform” never propose to fix only the parts of the existing system that are “broken.” Instead, their master plan is to propose a complete restructure of the entire system into the ridiculous nightmare which we now call "Obamacare."

They sell the idea to the brain-dead of America by promising how great it will be, and that by using taxpayer funding to subsidize insurance for 30 million people, the costs will magically start going down. But as hard as they try, the left cannot draw the support they need to float this giant turd. So they rig an election in Minnesota, and newly-elected Senator Al Franken, with a vast knowledge and experience which can only be gained as a Saturday Night Live comedian, casts the 60th and deciding vote. Obamacare is now the law of the land, and there was great rejoicing from the left.

But the new system turns out to have serious flaws, which must be fixed at any cost. So each area that is “broken” must be carefully reviewed and repaired – exactly what they claimed couldn’t be done with the existing system. A tweak here, an exemption there, and for the next few years we will watch as this turd repeatedly resurfaces.

Of course, the ACA has nothing to do with actual health care. What we actually have with Obamacare is government-mandated participation in the private insurance market. The insurance companies – as evil as they were made to appear during the initial debates over health care reform – were involved from day one with the crafting of the ACA. Big Insurance actively lobbied for it, because the federal government is going to force everyone in America to either purchase their product.

But eventually, perhaps out of the sheer goodness of their hearts, the kindly folks in Washington DC will begin the inevitable attack on private insurance companies. As costs go up, which is certain to happen due to the laws of supply and demand, the taxpayer-funded subsidies for those who qualify will also increase. Politicians from both sides will begin explaining to the American people the unfairness behind record insurance companies profit while taxpayers are being punished.

Our benevolent politicians will then push for the removal of all greedy private insurance profiteers from the equation. In other words, the government will now take over one–sixth of the nation’s economy. And, in the end, the sheeple will thank them for delivering Single Payer unto them...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Evolution of Climatology

In the beginning, man was a timid animal spending most of his time hiding in caves, terrified by the forces of nature.  But as man evolved, he was able to explain away these events by blaming them on evil creatures, demons, and spirits.

Sometime later, these evil creatures were replaced by a host of gods and sub-deities.  Sacrifices and offerings were made to these deities in hopes they would grant favorable weather for crops, or a pleasant weekend for the company picnic.  The more devious members of the clan soon learned that, by pretending to possess the ability to speak to these deities, they could achieve a more powerful status.

Finally, in today's modern society, we have replaced these "Weather Gods" with scientists, and we have replaced the spirit-talkers with politicians.  The scientists are now paid by politicians to study and report on the causes of bad weather.  In their infinite wisdom and seemingly infinite budgets, these great thinkers have determined that bad weather is caused by the very presence of man.

So today, "sacrifices" to the Weather Gods have evolved into higher taxation to the lords and masters - the ruling elite, the politicians.

Funny, but it sounds a whole lot like we've gone full circle.  Mankind hasn't progressed much past huddling in caves, making offerings and sacrifices in an attempt to appease the wrath of Mother Nature...