Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Evolution of Climatology

In the beginning, man was a timid animal spending most of his time hiding in caves, terrified by the forces of nature.  But as man evolved, he was able to explain away these events by blaming them on evil creatures, demons, and spirits.

Sometime later, these evil creatures were replaced by a host of gods and sub-deities.  Sacrifices and offerings were made to these deities in hopes they would grant favorable weather for crops, or a pleasant weekend for the company picnic.  The more devious members of the clan soon learned that, by pretending to possess the ability to speak to these deities, they could achieve a more powerful status.

Finally, in today's modern society, we have replaced these "Weather Gods" with scientists, and we have replaced the spirit-talkers with politicians.  The scientists are now paid by politicians to study and report on the causes of bad weather.  In their infinite wisdom and seemingly infinite budgets, these great thinkers have determined that bad weather is caused by the very presence of man.

So today, "sacrifices" to the Weather Gods have evolved into higher taxation to the lords and masters - the ruling elite, the politicians.

Funny, but it sounds a whole lot like we've gone full circle.  Mankind hasn't progressed much past huddling in caves, making offerings and sacrifices in an attempt to appease the wrath of Mother Nature...

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