Friday, December 6, 2013

On Strike for Maximum Wage

"One day, I'll work here..."

"Hey, here's an idea:  Let's all go on strike and demand higher wages!  Why not?  Just  because I'm 23 years old, have seven children, no husband, and never graduated High School doesn't mean I should let these billionaire tycoons pay me slave wages, right?"

Well, these idiots can only see corporations such as McDonald's as some multi-billion dollar business whose CEO rolls naked in piles of gold coins while poor people starve.  They seem to forget that all the actual restaurants - the places that hire these idiots - are owned and managed by individual franchise - aka "small business" - owners.

These people purchase franchises in an attempt to maintain a slight profit margin.  Can you guess where their earnings come from?  That's right - from whatever is left after operating expenses - including labor costs - have been paid.  I'll bet Obama couldn't answer that question.

The owners of these small businesses normally have a very slim operating margin.  If they pay more money, they can hire fewer workers.  Now, last time I checked the Little Red Progressive Handbook, this wouldn't be fair at all.   And if they raise the price of their product, they risk fewer sales.

Remember, most of the fast food workers have to constantly be reminded "no, no, no - it's bread, meat, bread!"  Why do you think they have signs in the toilets reminding employees to wash their hands?  I'm surprised the sign doesn't also remind them to wipe their ass, or zip their pants up.  Most anyone with an IQ above a carrot already knows this.  Ever watch the vein on that moron's forehead throb when you buy something for $4.77 and hand them a five dollar bill and two pennies?

For Pete's sake - landing a job at McDonald's flipping burgers was never meant to be a lifelong career move.  You can not, nor should you even try to, raise a family on minimum wage.  Keep it in your pants, and plan for a family.  Raising a child should be an afterthought, an inconvenient consequence of a drunken Saturday night hump-fest.

Instead of increasing their pay, we need to enlighten this generation of spoiled crapweasels to this fact.  The last thing we should do is pay them enough money so that they never have to advance their careers past the prep station at a fast food franchise, or give them hope that entry level employment is a final career goal.

The bottom rung of the economic ladder is not supposed to be comfortable.  We already do this with welfare, which is why we have families with three generation on government assistance and have never worked a day in their lives.

If it were possible to earn a "comfortable living" flipping burgers, why would we even need public education?  Just hand the kids a diploma when and if they pass the 6th grade, then assign them to whatever task the collective requires.

Graduation at Elementary Schools in the Age of Obama:

"...and please, hold your applause until all the names have been read and their life's function has been assigned:

Dover, Ben - bus driver, $15 an hour.
Dover, Eilene - robotics, $15 an hour.
Head, Richard - burger flipper, $15 an hour.
Jarse, Hugh - law enforcement, $15 an hour.
Jablome, Haywood - trash collector, $15 an hour.
Jabubu, Okaka - auto repair, $15 an hour.
Moorehead, Craven - sheep farmer, $15 an hour.
Obama, Barack - president, $15 an hour.

Socialism...what if we all pretend once - just once - that it actually worked somewhere on this planet?  Would it still fail?

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