Sunday, April 27, 2014

How Does That Old Joke Go?

Osama - Now a Good Muslim
It would seem there is very little anyone can do with this disease people refer to as the "religion" of Islam.  Rather like cockroaches, rats, or any unwanted vermin, these people must either be ignored or dealt with - but they are proving every day that they cannot coexist.

There are those who falsely claim Islam is a religion of peace, but this is simply not true.  According to their holy book, the sole purpose of the faithful Muslim on this earth is to convert the entire world to Islam or kill those who refuse.

The truth is that Mohammed was nothing but a diseased child molester who was thrown out of Jerusalem because of his increasing violent attacks on the other religious groups.

If you study the books (I have not personally studied the Koran, because I can't, but have read several books on the subject and consider myself more informed than most) he claims were given to him from Allah, they are all about the man Mohammed himself - following his orders, his commands, pleasing him.

If you swallow the malarkey, it seems Allah seemingly chose Mohammed at random to be not only his eyes and ears, but his judge, jury, and executioner.  Hardly the kind and benevolent Supreme Being, wouldn't you say?  I know the Bible calls for some serious smiting of enemies, but I cannot find the passage where the good Christian must kill any and all who refuse the Word of God.

As I have always said, religion can have wonderful effects on people, but organized religion is a dangerous thing.  And when a religious zealot is able to harness the power of the mob through his warped and biased beliefs, we are talking serious end of world type stuff here.

Now, to all your other suggestions, there is little we can do to "suppress" nuclear weapons in those countries that currently possess them.  And thanks to Obama, we have allowed Iran all the time and money it requires to complete its goal to be a nuclear power.

If we were going to do something, it would have to be more than "sanctions".  Economic sanctions do not work - period.  We have levied sanctions against North Korea for nearly three decades, and yet they continue to test these weapons.

Now Obama wants to lift sanctions against Iran, and has firmly argued against any new sanctions, and for what - to show them how much we love them?  This will not end well, I can assure you.  I'm fairly certain that, within a decade, we can say goodbye to Israel, along with half the world's population.  Gee, that sounds rather gloomy, doesn't it?

Good news?  Only 999 days left until Obama must leave the White House.
Bad news?  Which idiot will replace him?