Monday, June 1, 2009

The Golden Era of the Horseless Carriage

Once "not an option", now both Chrysler and GM have finally taken the step toward restructure thru bankruptcy. Thanks are in order to both Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama, as well as the congress, for delaying the inevitable by several months and tens of billions of tax dollars.

Yes, this is indeed a proud moment. Our government has begun the "temporary" nationalization of our banks, the auto industry, and, make no mistake, will now be squarely focused on the energy market. The goal is to be able to tell you not only what to drive, but when you can drive it, how much it will cost you, and where you can go. It's for your own good, of course.

A new car today already costs more than my first house did thirty years ago. With Washington's help, that cost will no doubt double in ten years. A government-subsidized auto industry can only drive the cost of cars up. And it's not just those union benifits kicking in, either. Washington has a proven track record of stretching your tax dollars.

An interesting contradiction comes to mind. You remember the "average, hard working American," that guy Obama is pretending to defend? Well, how will he be able to own and operate something that only a wealthy person will be possibly able to afford? Apparently, all future government assistance checks will go directly to the Obama Motors Acceptance Corporation. Drive one home today and get $500 worth of government cheese!

As far as the future of the automobile, we might just see a deal with Daewoo and Ford. I wonder if that might smooth relations and bring North and South Korean together. I also understand that Iran is soon planning to introduce the "Jihad", the world's first nuclear-powered car, in America soon. I understand it will have a half-life of 1000 years, which should coincide with GM finally becoming viable again.

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