Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Traitors to the Lone Star State

It is difficult to believe that anyone elected to represent the state of Texas could vote for this crippling piece of legislation. As the nation's leading producer of energy, Texas will be hardest hit. Besides energy, agricultural endeavors will also be hit by this tax.

Apparently there are some Obama/Pelosi suck-ups who would rather promote their own political careers than do what is right for the people of Texas. If these people bowed to Ms. Pelosi's strong-arm tactics, as Sen. Hutchinson suggested, and allowed this bill to pass the House, then they should be asked to resign from their duties that they have so flagrantly abandoned for personal gain.

The following 9 members of the House voted to pass HR 2454. Please feel free to write them and express your disgust, make disparaging remarks as to their heritage, or whatever you feel appropriate:

Cuellar, Henry, Texas, 28th
Reyes, Silvestre, Texas, 16th

Perhaps we can stop this bill from making it through the Senate and onto Obama's desk, but that will not erase the disservice these elected officials have done to their state. Perhaps after they are voted out of office, they could grab one of those highway road crew jobs that (are practically the only jobs so far which) Obama's stimulus bill has created, which would give them plenty of time to reflect on their mistake.


  1. "Initial estimates by the Congressional Budget Office project that an economy-wide cap-and-trade program would generate at least $50 billion per year, but could reach up to $300 billion. Approximately 10 percent of this revenue should be allocated to help offset costs to businesses and shareholders of affected industries."

    What is it about the above statement that you object (to)? Thanks for providing the above 9 (TX) members of the House who supported this bill. I will be writing them congratulatory letters!

    Bev of Boston, MA
    Bev of Boston, MA

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  3. The carbon tax is nothing but a huge government slush fund. Everyone, including Obama, has admitted that energy costs for families and business will skyrocket under this massive new tax. Where do American jobs go when the government creates a hostile business environment?

    Not only should you send these idiots a congratulatory letter, Bev, but you should enclose your first $1500 check. That should cover the cost increase for your first year under the Cap'n Trade scam.

    I would advise this same course of action for every moron who swallows the lie that Global Warming, the impending death sentence man has handed to Mother Earth, can be commuted by a massive, job-crippling energy tax.


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