Saturday, April 3, 2010

Free at Last!

As the Great One delivered his sermon unto his followers, a great silence fell upon the land.  "I will show you the way!  This land will be made whole again, if only you bow to my will."

Yes, it would certainly be a wonderful world if everyone had insurance.  It would be even better if, along with that insurance card, everyone had the money to pay the monthly premiums, the co-payments, the deductibles, the 40% that insurance doesn't provide for, and all the other out-of-pocket expenses that must be accounted for in our health care system.  In other words, the reality of health care that Obamacare fails to talk about.

All I hear is what a great day, health care is free at last, free at last!  All of America will now have the opportunity to purchase an insurance policy.  Unfortunately, a laminated Obamacare insurance card does not mean that the poor will have their health care needs provided for.

Simply put, this bill is a cooperative effort between the federal government and the insurance companies to force the uninsured to purchase another 43 million (is this the number that they are using now?) policies.

I fail to see how forcing insurance companies to accept 43 million new customers will teach "those evil, profit-driven insurance CEO's" a lesson.  Yet all the while, the bleeding heart idiots still think the poor are being helped by Obamacare.

Every wonder why there are so many people without insurance?  Sure, there are many who honestly cannot afford it.  This is where the state government steps in - it's called Medicaid.

Did anyone ever consider that perhaps not having insurance was by choice?  You remember choice, right?  That thing we used to have before Obamacare?

A young man, with no health concerns, might choose to put his $14,000 a year towards something else.  Obama thinks this is not the American way, and is determined to force this young man the error of independent behavior.

And where are the cost controls for actual health care?  Does forcing everyone to purchase an expensive insurance policy suddenly make open-heart surgery cost $499.95?

Now, that the left has gotten its way, and the insurance mandate is upon us, we must all increase our contributions to provide for those who must accept welfare.

But, wait - what will happen to the poor people who once used the emergency rooms because they had no money?  Reality check:  they will continue to use the emergency room, because they still have no money.  We now have a greater debt, and costs will climb even more.

I am worried about the path this country has now turned down, I am terrified at what the future holds for my children, and I am bewildered at how many support this move towards a welfare nation simply at the empty promises of another lying politician.

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