Friday, April 23, 2010

If It's Tea Party, It's Got To Be Racist

The Tea Party  movement has gotten under the skin of the progressives, and it would seem the liberal media clowns can't scream "racist" loud or fast enough. 

Is a black man who lies any more dishonest than a white man who lies?  Or is it possible to determine who is telling the truth by his color?  I suppose the point here is that, if you're white, do you believe the idiot Bush when he lies.  Similarly, if you're black, do you believe the Marxist Obama when he lies?

The ignorant people of this country need to stop reducing everything to matters of race. They should start opening their eyes to the fact that all politicians, regardless of race or party affiliation, are devoid of moral character or conscience. They must lie, or at least hide the truth, for it is their nature.

We are all very afraid, or at least should be, of where this country is headed in the face of the federal government's increasing power and the massive growth of our debt. Enter the Tea Party, a group of concerned Americans who saw fit to organize and protest this disturbing trend.

With the election of Obama, the Left has been handed the perfect defense against the truth the behind the Tea Party Movement. A black man in the White House allows the issue of race to quiet any dissenting opinion of policy. The race card trumps all logic and reason, as it plays on emotion. It obscures the fact that the opposition is based on policy, not pigment.

As often the case with ignorant mobs, both sides reach for their torches and pitchforks to attack the other. The more the media plays up to the issues of race, the more tension and anger is spread among both sides.

All the while our "elected representatives" sit back and smile, pleased with their work of dividing America, diverting the mob's anger inward among itself. In the end, they win and America suffers.

Regardless of how we got here, the best solution is to reduce spending and reduce the size and power of Washington. My question is why are the Tea Party members the only ones who seem to understand this?  Perhaps the other side is still too busy hating Bush to see clearly.

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