Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jobless Recovery? What "Recovery"?

The Obama administration speaks out both sides of its mouth and, quite frankly, most people are sick of it. Perhaps this explains his falling approval ratings.

On one hand, Obama is quick to take credit for his failed Stimulus Bill at every opportunity. When the numbers are positive, its "look what I did!" And, when the numbers are negative, its "look what Bush did!"

And so Obama continues his double-speaking perpetual campaign mode. Taking credit for "turning the economy around", while simultaneously claiming unemployment rates will continue to "remain unacceptably high for the remainder of the year".

While it it accepted that consumer spending is responsible for 70% of our economy, it seems unlikely that sustained levels of spending can continue with such a high unemployment rate.

It is time to stop patting yourself on the back, Obama. Your smug arrogance over the passage of your mandated insurance bill is remarkable, considering the despicable means you had to resort to.

Businesses are afraid to grow or hire new employees, for they can guess that you have more tricks up your sleeve in order to redistribute the wealth. Anyone of reasonable intelligence understands that taxes will skyrocket in order to pay for this massive welfare state you wish to create. Until your spending spree has stopped, and the real costs become apparent, there will be no job growth and our economy quite possibly remain in limbo for a decade.  Konichiwa, Obama-san?

You will be long gone by then, and you and Jimmy Carter can sit around and argue over which of you buffoons did the most damage to America.  Unfortunately, the damage will have been done, and we may never truly recover.

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