Friday, April 16, 2010

Financial Reform?

More like a recipe for disaster.  Hey, I just had a really bad idea:  Let’s allow the greedy, corruptocrats responsible for our current economic situation to propose “the solution”.

Both Frank’s House bill and Dodd’s Senate bill have a huge slush fund built in ($150B/$50B) for exactly the bailouts that Obama claims won’t be happening anymore. Go figure.

Let’s not forget the new regulatory powers proposed by this new financial regulation which allows Congress (or an agent thereof) to determine which companies will survive and which will be “assimilated”. Of course, Congress already has their list of financial institutions which will never be allowed to fail, and have proved it with their bailouts to date.

It’s not that we don’t trust you, Obama. OK, so maybe we don’t trust you. But you must admit, it is not without good reason. Most everyone, except for your most die-hard, kookaid-drinking Obamanites, are still waiting to see those 3.5 million jobs your big stimulus bill promised.

Most now understand that Obama’s message of “Hope and Change” actually meant we should all hope that something might change. How much more damage can we absorb before the mid term elections? We need to send all these crooks packing. Come on, November! Daddy needs a (lot more than a) new pair of shoes.

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