Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What a fantastic victory for the American people. We can now all sleep easier, knowing that Obama and his bought-and-paid-for Democratic congress has our best interests in mind.

Our current system is broken, and Medicare is facing impending insolvency. So our greatest minds came up with an idea to expand Medicare coverage to those 55 years old. I'm rather sorry they abandoned this idea, for if eliminating waste and fraud from the current system comes $60B a year, imagine the imaginary savings imagined by incurring expenses for covering those as young as 55! I have no dollar amount, but it is probably a lot.

No public option? The importance of "keeping the insurance companies honest" was apparently not as important as buying the votes of the morally corrupt.

The hypocrisy of championing fiscal responsibility while adding record amounts to our debt has become almost comical. Not add one dime to the deficit? The misdirection of the 10-year window to claim savings seems to have worked quite well. Ten years of revenue against 6 years of expense should be enough to bend any cost curve - temporarily.

Obviously, a government-run health insurance system is what we really need. If we can only get hundreds of bureaucrats to get involved in every aspect of health care finances, we can no doubt save billions. No, it's true! Honest!

Obama claimed a victory over the "special interests" which have fought health reform for decades. Yet wasn't it Obama himself that made deals with the "big three" (hospitals and doctors, insurance companies, drug companies) of the health care industry? Can anyone deny the fact that met with all of them behind closed doors in the true spirit of "transparency"?

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect is the mandate to all Americans to either purchase a "qualifying" plan (roughly $12000/year for family coverage) or pay a paltry $750 annual tax (yes, a tax, because the IRS is responsible for its assessment).

Our elected representatives actually believe that a healthy family will elect to spend $1000/month, when all they need is $60/month to pay the "fine". I don't know, but they want you to believe it, as well as trust this revenue stream to remain 'deficit neutral'.

With this new mandate, and the pre-existing inclusion, the only time anyone will purchase "insurance" will be when they need hospitalization.

This is not "insurance", as it only ensures constant and massive expenses with huge reduction in revenue. Since insurance companies cannot charge more for the sick, everyone's cost will rise.

The end result will be the end of private insurance companies, and the birth of government insurance. The path is so clear, it is hard to deny that this was the goal all along.

Obama alluded to his goal of single payer, nationalized health care as far back as 2004, although "Mr. Transparency" denies he ever said this. Although thoroughly documented, he now claims that he didn't mean it or his remarks were taken out of context. As Robert Gibbs might put it, he wasn't lying, but merely bending the truth curve.

Thanks for the Christmas present, Washington! And we didn't get you anything.....unless you count another slice of our freedom.

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