Monday, November 30, 2009

Stimulus - Bigger is Better

Those doubting the brilliance of Obama's plan need only familiarize themselves with the basic principals of liberal economics: Money falls from heaven for everyone to use. But, the immoral and sneaky rich gather more than their share. The government's purpose is to redistribute the money the way God intended.

Taxes remove the excess income of the rich and give it to the voting poor, through a fair and organized bureaucracy. The rich oppose this action by selfishly and spitefully decreasing employment. Government responds by increasing spending, to boost employment by finding the jobs that the rich have been hiding.

Looking at the rousing success of the first Stimulus bill, I cannot understand the opposition to round two. Obama's work is not yet done, as there are still those who have yet to realize the New American dream of getting something for nothing.

For an idea of the massive number of jobs created by the Stimulus bill, simply look at the unemployment offices around the country. These establishments have been forced to double their staffs in order to process the millions of new claims filed over the last year.

To understand the need for a second (or third, or tenth) stimulus bill, we must keep in mind the economies of scale. If spending $787B accomplished so much, imagine the economic magic that a much larger amount could accomplish.

Borrowing an amount large enough could eliminate the national debt altogether. Theoretically we should be able to to borrow enough to show a profit, perhaps begin lending to other countries again. All we have to do is borrow enough each time to pay off each successive debtor, with interest, and we can keep the cycle going indefinitely.

Granted, job recovery may seem like its staring slowly. Some folks have been unemployed for 12 months, some longer. This is probably because we haven't spent enough to create the jobs. But once we really kick the spending into high gear, we will all need wheelbarrows to carry our money home in. And not just because it will be practically worthless, either.

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