Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reality - An Often Overlooked Concept

Having read a recent article by Daniel Gross, the goofy bastard pictured here, I could only sit and wonder on the intricate inner workings of the liberal brain. These people, having warped and twisted logic and reasoning in order to sell their snake oil for so many years, have succumbed to their own brand of bullshit. They have created their own reality, apparently to satisfy their sense of moral superiority and self-righteousness.

Knowing that the author in question, one Daniel Gross, longtime liberal douche bag and current senior editor at Newsweek, helps to understand a bit. Newsweek recently sold its soul, now merely acting simply as a mouthpiece for the liberal left. Anyone of reasonable intelligence and integrity knows there isn't a shred of credibility remaining here, as any of their once loyal subscribers will verify. Since their switch to stroking Obama full time, their circulation has dropped like a stone. Sort of like Obama's ratings as more people are discovering that he is not their Messiah, but merely another crooked, lying, self-absorbed piece of political feces.

By continuously using the term "Republican" rather than "conservative", the author's whining transforms into a statement of politics rather than economics. Those who do not follow the socialistic Utopian fantasies of Obama (and liberal Democrats) can never understand the difference between the GOP and conservative beliefs. Most simply think they are one and the same, but the two have parted ways long ago.

Forget for a moment that Democrats ran the Congress from 2006 to the present. For all of Obama's whining, he helped create the mess he claims to have inherited. Obama voted in the affirmative for practically every nickel spent. And since taking charge, Obama has only made things worse. During the worst economy we've seen in nearly half a century, his sole focus was spending money and wasting an entire year on Obamacare.

Not spending is a concept which the Democrats never have seemed to comprehend. Cutting taxes to business which will allow them to grow, hire more people, and actually increase tax revenues seems to confuse them even more. These pompous jackasses seem to think that their sole purpose on the planet is to spend as much as they can get their hands on, regardless where it comes from or if it actually helps anyone.

See the writing on the wall, Mr. Gross. The Democrats have wasted their chance to run Congress through their own bickering and back-stabbing ways. The election of Scott Brown should raise a big red flag. The public has had just about all it can take of Democratic majority. This is a center-right country, and all your progressive ideology is so much fertilizer.

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