Friday, November 16, 2012

When Is Enough Enough?

Al Gore is back - this time with a new take on his same old bag of horseshit.  It's not "Global Warming" anymore.  That old chestnut dates back to the 1890's when scientists first begin to formulate their doomsday scenarios.  What these guys tell us today is that the "experts" have all agreed that the presence of man is responsible for the warming of our atmosphere.

But what they try to hide is that the data collected doesn't seem to support their theory.  Therefore, this esteemed panel of learned men decided it best to simply fudge the data to support their hypothesis, rather than starting over.  They have been caught several times, yet their blatant attempts at lying are always laughed at by liberals, because in their minds the end always justifies the means.  Remember, only conservatives lie; liberals use deceit to help us because we're too stupid to know what's good for us.

Oddly enough, in the 1960's a group of experts broke away from the mainstream to pursue their own theory.  They predicted that, because of the presence of man, all life on Earth was going to be destroyed by a "Global Cooling" catastrophe.  Enter little Albert Gore and his tree hugging wife, Tipper.

John Holdre
n, one of the leading proponents of this radical "Global Cooling" theory, suggested that coal dust should be spread along the Arctic ice cap to absorb the sun's heat, melt the ice, and prevent the impending ice age.  If the name John Holdren sounds familiar, it should - he is the Obama administration's "Science Czar."  He has rejoined the "Warming" crowd, and his latest suggestion is to broadcast reflective particles in the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays and cool our doomed planet.

They don't call it "Climate Change" anymore, either, because the evidence collected shows a series of natural cycles of warm and cool.  Nowadays, the well-informed tree-hugger uses the term "Extreme Weather" to describe the consequences of man's existence on this planet.  Al Gore is back, and laughingly uses Hurricane Sandy to claim the presence of mankind on the planet is responsible for "ever worsening weather events."  Don't these guys ever give up?

Sandy was not the "super-storm" the media and the enviro-whackos love to claim.  It's all about sensationalism.  "It was the worst storm ever, with damage in the billions, and some folks even died."  Sandy was a puny class 1 storm;  They estimate the Great Hurricane of 1900, the one that destroyed Galveston and killed thousands, was a class 5.  Katrina and Rita were both class 3 storms, and the devastation was much worse than Sandy.

After 50 years of living on the Gulf Coast, I've witnessed dozens of hurricanes much more powerful than Sandy.  Making Al Gore and his buddies wealthy beyond belief will not affect the strength or weakness of any hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or thunderstorm in the slightest.

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