Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama Part II - The Fiscal Cliff

You Got It, I Want It

The arrogance and ignorance of Obama seems boundless, as he continues to press his populist horse excreta on taxing the wealthy to "address" our deficit. But the numbers he throws our are ridiculously insignificant.
In a single term, Obama has put another $6 trillion on the national credit card, and we have $1 trillion-plus deficits forecast over the next decade. Raising tax rates on the wealthy has been estimated as an $800 billion increase in revenue - over 10 years.
There is no "mandate" to raise taxes; just remember that nearly 50% of America no longer wants to hear Obama's empty promises, or his excuses for our country's eminent economic collapse. For every person who thinks soaking the wealthy is "fair", there is someone who does not.
If Obama were truly a leader, he would drop his populist rhetoric and examine all the ways to use tax reform and spending controls to reduce the $3.8 trillion a year - $10 billion a day - that it currently takes to feed our overblown federal bureaucracy.

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