Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take The Quiz!

Damn - I only scored 3 out of 9.  What this shows is that, in spite of the myriad of insane demands by this Flea Bagger "movement," there is common ground between all Americans when it comes to the failure of our government and its migration to corporatism.

There are major divides, however, when it comes to solutions.  The Flea Baggers want more government and more spending, a $20 minimum wage, a waiver of all debt, free health care, free college education, or any of the other bits of equine excreta espoused by the "Occupy Wall Street" cretins that I noticed the "quiz" failed to touch upon.

This "quiz" was a weak attempt to give some shred of credibility to the senseless protests of these spoiled group of societal freeloaders, angry that they may just have to work for a living.  A fine example of the manipulation by the media.  As you should understand by watching Fox News, it is easy to get the answers you're looking for, if you simply ask the right questions.

Quote of the day:  "Just when the protest seemed to turn violent, the police managed to disperse the crowd by firing job applications at them."

As for the true problems we face, we can all agree that for too long, politicians have bowed to corporate interests.   The problem has gotten completely out of hand, so much so that Obama doesn't even try to hide it anymore.  He has made up his mind that his administration will decide which businesses, industries, and institutions will succeed and which will fail.  As we have seen, our government has an extremely poor track record in picking winners and losers.

It comes as no surprise that this administration's choices have favored his biggest campaign contributors, which receive favorable legislation as repayment for their continued support.  But, as both the Tea Party and the Flea Baggers have implied, America has the best form of government that money can buy.

Word of advice:  watch what Obama does over the next few months, and notice the complete abandonment of his 2008 theme of uniting America.  Knowing he has almost no chance of re-election, he is like a wounded animal that has been cornered by his own undeniable record of failure.

Now that numerous scandals of his failed and corrupt administration are coming to light, I wonder how much longer he will continue to blame everyone else for his own shortcomings.  Any person of character would accept responsibility of his office and either change course, as Clinton did, or resign, as Nixon did.  Unfortunately, Obama does not possess such character, as we have seen by his arrogant yet incompetent leadership.

His rhetoric will be become exponentially more divisive as the elections grow near, and his frustration with what he sees as "GOP opposition" to his socialist agenda may yet bring out the radical leftist he has tried to so hard, and spent so much, to conceal from the public.

But, as long as Team Obama keeps driving the wedge deeper, we will continue to fight each other instead of facing our common enemy.  And because of voter ignorance and gullibility, a slick campaign and a billion dollars is apparently all that is required these days to rent a room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Running a campaign and running a country are not the same thing, and it has become painfully obvious that a two years as a Senator from Illinois did nothing to prepare Obama for the most difficult job on the planet.  And a bunch of entitled college students selfishly whining about the burden of their self-inflicted student loans cannot possibly be compared to a genuine political movement such as the Tea Party.

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