Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Harry's Got it Handled

I'm not sure what upsets me the most about all this, Reid's insistence of a new "millionaire tax" or the fact that Washington would even consider passing this "Stimulus, Jr" spending bill.  Considering the failure of it's predecessor, it is fairly easy to understand why Obama is shying away from using the term "Stimulus."

Knowing full well this "jobs" bill will do nothing but bail-out another round of public employees, the goal is to fund this politically-motivated spending bill by adding a half-trillion to our debt.

To claim this latest bail-out will be "paid for" by a decade of yet-unrealized revenue is an insult to the taxpayer's intelligence.  How do these Congressional cretins think they amassed a $14 trillion debt in the first place?

Even if this new "millionaire's tax" actually meets the revenue expectations of what we spend today, don't expect this tax to disappear after 10 years.

Clown Prince Harry may fool some of the idiots out there, but this is not a method to finance Obama's already-doomed "Jobs Act."  It's just the progressive's method of raising taxes on everyone, slowly, surely, and permanently, so that the size of our government and it's out of control spending can grow forever.

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