Friday, October 9, 2009

More Health Care Propaganda

CBO Estimate Gives Green Light

MSNBC Says 93% Coverage

I never cease to be amazed at the desperation of Team Obama and the Dems as they search for support on health care. As if the goofy pre-Halloween costume party in the rose garden wasn't desperate enough.

Number one: screw Bob Dole. If anyone actually gave a damn about what he thought, he might have been more than the miserable failure of a presidential candidate that he was. I will never understand why people who are only a few steps from senility cannot grasp the concept that people only pretend to listen out of courtesy and pity for an aging fool. While we respect the wisdom of elders, we should disregard the ravings of the demented.

Number two: the slight-of-hand committed by the Democrats over the CBO's estimate shows astounding hypocrisy. Knowing full well that a proper cost estimate cannot be conducted on "conceptual language", the Finance committee refuses to submit the actual bill to purposely hide its cost. And, magically, it just squeaks in under Obama's arbitrary $900 billion mark. Apparently they decided that $899.95 billion would look a bit too suspicious. And, to add insult to injury, they turn these phony numbers into a weapon to attack opposition.

Number three: Does anyone really care or believe poll numbers? Those who use other people's opinion to make their decisions are mindless idiots. Does the Quinnipiac survey bother to reveal exactly which "slice of America" they used to obtain their numbers? Of course not, but they will gladly reveal the results that those who provide their funding wish to hear. And, believe it or not, there are enough weak minded fools who can be swayed based on what other people think, which is why people pay so much to conduct "opinion" polls. The scariest part is that these same spineless imbeciles who follow polls are allowed to operate motor vehicles, reproduce, and even vote for candidates that promise things that "everybody else wants, so you need to want it also."

Number four: for all the hype about bipartisan cooperation, why are the bills always crafted in secret by only select members of the Democratic party? As harmful and ugly as their ideas are, Republicans who refuse to come to their side is blasted as being obstructionist and uncooperative. Certainly there is the open discussion over what to include in the bill, but the final closed door process of drafting the final bill is where things get added and removed is exclusively Democratic leaders. Not allowing Republican cooperation, but continually whining about getting none, is another example of the deceitful process by which the far left Democratic majority tightens its stranglehold.

We shouldn't worry about this particular piece of the puzzle. The eventual outcome will be a merging of the various Senate bills, which will be merged with the five House bills. Once a final "health care 'reform" bill is presented to Obama, we all know what will follow. We will be told that a majority of Americans really, really want a public option and mandated coverage. And - voila! Pelosi and Reid will plunk down a massive bill including every entitlement expansion Obama wanted in the first place, and what Obama wants, Obama gets.

Thanks again, 52% of America, for putting this man in office. Please enjoy your new health insurance, bought and paid for by the working people of this country. Regardless of the political promise (aka blatant lie) of more people covered with better results for less money, what we will actually see is a rise in insurance premiums, a rise in health care costs, a rationing of health services, and rising government costs leading to higher taxes. Bend over, America, 'cause here comes your Hope and Change!

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