Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama's Affair with Miss Information

Our beloved president tells us again and again that we are all being lied to about health (insurance) reform. Obama assures us that those who are spreading this misinformation are simply lying. He preaches to us that there are certain people who are spreading vicious lies, spreading fictitious claims that Washington wishes to take control of the health care industry.

A fictitious takeover? Hmmm...the federal government wants to sell health insurance, set the price for insurance, force insurance companies to offer the same coverage but without subsidy, determine what care will be allowed, dictate compensation for allowable care, set penalties for non-compliance...that sounds pretty much like a government takeover to me. I cannot see how any reasonable person could arrive at any other conclusion.

Obviously, anyone who doesn't agree that government health care is the only way to restore America to prosperity simply doesn't understand how Obama's vision of a new world order works. And don't forget that anyone who fails to march lock-step with this man's ideology only reveals my obvious hatred and racism, as well as the desire to see America fail.

When did not blindly following the government become such a heinous crime? Last time I checked, this sort of thing did not apply to free countries. How many can say they worshiped Bush in the same way, regardless of his idiotic policies? I can't imagine many willing to make that claim, yet I also find it hard believing so many can remain starry-eyed over this inexperienced junior senator from Illinois with his unrealistic fiscal ideology.

As far as health care reform, I can only believe what I can read in the proposed legislation, as well as Obama's recent address to congress, which echoed the government's hidden deceit almost to a tee. It's all there, for anyone who wants to put down their glass of kool-aid and read it.

Everyone should read it, but more importantly understand it, before they stand up and give one more \"Yes, We Can\" or \"No, We Won't\". Learn for yourselves how Team Obama has been \"less than honest\" as he speaks about relieving the poor, ignorant people of this country of the impossible burden of intelligent choice in the world of insurance, doctors, and government.

There is no denying we need reform. There must be a way to fix what is broken with our system. To be fair, sometimes things just wear out and need to be replaced. Like the way Washington works, with bribes from special interest groups and corruption rampant throughout. But it never hurts to try first.

If Obama believes he can wring $600 billion from Medicare without slashing benefits, then by all means go right ahead. Use this money to provide for people who cannot provide for themselves. That, after all, is the ultimate role of our government, is it not?

From the legislative drafts out of Congress one can easily discern the true intent of health care reform, which is to swing entire system to a government-controlled, Euro-socialist, single payer system. Those who moronically believe the government will provide better health care to more people and for less money will no doubt deny the ridiculously impossible nature of this claim.

In order to garner support, the Democrats have tried to demonize the private insurance industry as the root of soaring costs. So why do the Democrat plans require everyone to purchase insurance from these ne'er-do-wells? If profit-driven insurance companies are the root of our problem, why the mandate to purchase their products at all?

The government plan will regulate what is covered by new health insurance policies. Ask yourself how long a private insurance company can stay in business, without being able to raise premiums, when the government forces them to provide full coverage to all people regardless of risk? More people will

Private insurance companies will find other ways to seek profits required by their shareholders, and stop selling insurance, then what we have left is a government monopoly. Obama's lie about the government providing insurance "just to keep insurance companies honest" will eventually drive

The normal method of government expansion is incremental; a small piece here, a little piece there, the end game being to take it all. But this massive undertaking is a bit frightening, especially considering the radical changes and massive spending over recent months, and I cannot see why people are surprised by this apprehension.

Remember that, once we hand over the reins, there is little chance of going back. Perhaps a bit less emotion, and a bit more intellect, would be helpful in deciding the outcome of this massive reform proposal.

Also remember that, no matter who is holding the reins, it is the Congress that yields the power. And most of them have been seated for decades. How many of them are offering to accept the same health plan that they wish to force upon us? At last count, it was zero. What should that tell you?

Liberals, driven purely by emotion and the desire to interfere in all things, need to stop thinking that everything is fixed now that Bush is gone and Obama is in. This is exactly what they want you to think. I know it is hard to imagine, but liberals do not have a monopoly on the truth. There are lies and misinformation on both sides. Think for yourselves for a change, and quit listening to all the propaganda. It is every bit as poisonous coming from the left as it is from the right.

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