Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and Vitriol - Nip it in the Bud

Apparently, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has an axe to grind. But, in his recent interview with Megan Kelly, he showed himself to be so absolutely full of crap that it would no doubt make Keith Olbermann jealous.

I can’t help but think that this fool has some political aspirations in the near future, since it is obvious from his comments that he will soon be too senile to carry a firearm as sheriff of Pima Country.  He seems imminently qualified, however, to make a fine Democratic congressman.

In my view, Kelly did a fantastic job of giving Dupnik all the rope he needed to hang himself (excuse me for the violent imagery - please don't hang anyone).  Her line of questioning steered Dupnik exactly where she wanted as he tripped over himself time and again.  There were a few moments where I believe he realized that he had trapped himself, at which point he regrouped and returned to his attack on "certain" radio and television personalities.

After listening to this interview, the amazingly biased and ignorant comments from Dupnik left a bad taste in my mouth.  Here we have an idiot so quick to inject his opinion, but after first admitting to pure speculation and opinion, he preaches to the viewers how irresponsible it is for “…allegedly credible people to stand in front of cameras and microphones and say things that are just not true…”

Dupnik begins by explaining that “there is no way to rationalize irrational behavior.”  Then, after a brief exchange concerning a letter from the shooter (not even going to play the “alleged” game here, ok?) to Giffords, dated from 2007, he places both feet squarely into his mouth, going into great detail about his opinion of the effects that “certain” radio and television programs may have on the unbalanced mind of Jerad Loughner.

Being such a keen observer of our country for 75 years as he is, he hasn’t a doubt in his of the irresponsibility of using the 24/7 information network to express opinion – because it “enflames the public.”  Excuse me, Sheriff Dupnik, but the “public” didn’t attempt to assassinate anyone.  A single, unhinged lunatic did, and nobody can say what lit his fuse.

And, speaking of enflaming the public, I wonder what effect Dupnik believes that his unfounded accusations have on the public?  I can only imagine that, in his professional opinion as a Democrat and the Sheriff of Pima County, that he only considers opinions other than his to be inflammatory.

I especially enjoyed Dupnik’s remark about witnessing the downfall of America, as evident by seeing “one party trying to block the attempts of another to make this a better country.”  Somehow, his politically impaired reasoning has led Dupnik to conclude that Republicans are the enemy, while his own Democratic party was charged by the Lord to save America from their evil.  No political spin here, eh, Clarence?

We should all learn well the lessons that Sheriff Dupnik offers here:  heated political debate can have serious consequences and, even though “differences of opinion make the world go round and round," everything is fine as long as he agrees to all opinions, in which case you’re just spewing hate.

Sooner or later, the time will come to address this problem.  But, as one of my favorite members of law enforcement once so eloquently stated, "...this calls for action and now. Nip it in the bud. First sign of youngsters going wrong, you've got to nip it in the bud.  Nip it."  Now, Barn....

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