Monday, March 8, 2010

The Art of Deception

How is it that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi can look directly into a television camera and lie with such impunity?  Is this something they are taught in Politics 101, or it this simply a gift, a natural ability, a talent that sets people into a successful career of politics.

As Obama said last Wednesday, everything has been said.  With that thought in mind, he now sets forth to sell his turd sandwich.  This poor one-term loser still thinks America respects him, his huge ego refusing to let him believe otherwise.

I cannot understand his claim that "this is what the American people want."  I wonder which poll Obama follows:

 This could be the largest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated upon the American people. Obama and his minions openly admits that his plan will only work if everyone participates, and he will mandate this participation whether we like it or not.

To see the outcome of Obamacare, look towards Massachusetts and see how this "great plan" will work. Yes, the state has provided coverage for all but 2% of the population. However, within four years, premiums have almost doubled, costs for care have steadily risen, and waiting times are now the longest in the country.

And, once again, our government "experts" have underestimated the true costs of another massive piece of social legislation. In truth, if they were to be completely honest, we evil "obstructionists" would no longer be the Party of "No", but would be known as the Party of "Hell, No! Have You Lost Your Damn Minds?" 

Massechusetts is now facing a severe budget crisis, and are planning to once again raise taxes while dropping coverage for the 'non-documented' people. Ironic how the humanitarian goal of covering this group was the strongest reason to impliment the program in the first place.

Now Obama wishes to serve up his turd sandwich to the entire nation.  Using some phony Clinton Surplus-like accounting, Obama plans to collect taxes/penalties for three years prior to begin paying out any substantial benefits.  This slight-of-hand is the only way he can claim deficit reduction until after the 2012 elections.  Bernie Madoff would be proud, but I can't help but wonder why he's in jail and Obama is in the White House, as Madoff's $60B is a mere 0.2% of Obama's scam.

Full speed ahead, Mr. President, as you seem so determined to ignore the American public, by all means reconcile away. Spin it however you wish, O, but this is simply a poorly disguised wealth redistribution, an expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, and a giant stride towards single-payer system.

Add this new enormous entitlement program to the unfunded liabilities of the other two (Social Security and Medicare), and you are looking at disaster, both politically and economically. Remember, the problem with Socialism is that, sooner or later, you will run out of other people's money.

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